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Milton Keynes Hospital Radio is a registered charity No. 289361
Take a tour of our studio
The MKHR Studio occupies an area on the first floor of Milton Keynes General Hospital - nice and convenient for access to the wards to visit the patients.

The Studio complex consists of three areas as shown in the pictures below.

Main Broadcast Studio
It may be small but its perfectly formed !!  Our studio houses pretty much all the equipment you would find in any radio station. 

The Presenter sits at the operating desk (a split console 'Alice' mixer) whilst two guests / co-presenters can sit alongside.  Music can be played from CDs or vinyl records (there are two decks for each), or from our electronic music system via the computer keyboard / screen in the centre.  We also have mini-disk, cassette tape and recordable CD decks available.  The studio is equipped for full stereo operation to feed to the Hospicom broadcast network.

Music Library
Our Music Library is housed in an area that was once a second studio (we have long term ambitions to create another broadcast studio in this space in the future).

The Library contains over 1000 CDs, as well as a large collection of vinyl records (both LPs and Singles).  All music in the Library, as well as that stored in our electronic playback system, is catalogued on a computer database to make life easier for presenters looking for a particular track or artist.

Preparation Area
The third and final area of the complex is the Preparation Area.

This area is used by our members when putting a show together or for 'chilling out' after a show.  It contains an Office Desk, complete with PC from which the Library index and our electronic playback system can be accessed (as well as the internet for that vital bit of research).  The area also provides some storage space for the additional equipment that we can use for outside broadcasts etc.

Are you a 'Techie' who would like to help us out ?
We have some ambitious plans to create a second studio to use primarilly for Production and Training purposes, although it would be fully capable of being used for live shows too.

We are always on the lookout for technically minded people who would be interested in helping to turn these plans into reality.  If you fancy joining our Engineering Team, then please contact us.  Just click on the New Members page and follow the links.

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