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Our Music Library
A vital part of any radio station is its Music Library, and Milton Keynes Hospital Radio is no exception. Since we started in 1984 many people have donated records to us and, through fundraising, we are also able to fill gaps in our collection.

Our aim is to have as wide a selection of music as possible. We keep a note of the music requested, so that we can spot any recurring gaps and fill them. Over the years we have built up quite a large stock of not only vinyl albums and singles, but also compact discs.

It's all very well having a large collection of records, but if you don't know where anything is then you could be in trouble. To save our members from having to memorise all the details, we have a computerised index. The computer not only lists everything by title and artist, but also groups the records in categories. So if we have a request for Jazz, Opera or even 60's Chart Music the computer will produce a list of everything in the library under that category. From this list the presenter can choose something suitable. The computer also has a word search facility, in case you aren't sure of the complete title.

At the moment we have a record collection to suit most tastes, with nearly 2,000 singles, 800 LPs and  over 1000 compact discs. Our computerised music system also has an additional 2,000 tracks on it - and could play for over a week non-stop without repeating a track!

We're currently starting the process to abolish our vinyl collection by replacing albums with a CD where possible.  We're also embarking on a project to 'upload' all of our CD collection onto the computerised music system so that the space taken up by the collection can be reduced, allowing a new studio facility to occupy the existng Library Area.  Our Record Librarian has got his work cut out to complete these tasks and would appreciate any help that anyone could offer.  If you are interested, then please contact us via the New Members page.

We hope that our music collection will continue to grow and become as comprehensive as possible. We guarantee we can find something for everyone, whether it is Glen Miller, Beethoven, Oasis, Elvis, Mario Lanza or Queen. We even have songs by the Wombles and the Smurfs, should you wish to hear them !!

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